ScubaEarth: Specific Social Media

Industry Specific Social Media

This week we are learning about proximity marketing and industry-specific social networking. The increase in mobile devices is driving popularity for proximity marketing for its ability to reach consumers at point of purchase opportunities and for consumers on the go. And, industry specific social networking is gaining traction within social communities.

Below, take a look at one industry specific site I really like, ScubaEarth. Earlier this year I finally received my open water diver certification from PADI, and quickly enrolled in their social community ScubaEarth. With the help of ScubaEarth my next dive adventure is currently being planned!

So What Is ScubaEarth?


Scuba Earth

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) created ScubaEarth, an industry specific social gathering place for divers and diving advocates. On you can find a call to action stating join the evolution on ScubaEarth directly underneath the social channel call outs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.41.00 PM

ScubaEarth® is an online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water lovers. It’s a robust, one-stop site to research, plan and share dive experiences. ScubaEarth targets PADI divers that want to stay in touch with diving experts and those that also want to receive the latest information on dive trips and equipment. Diving is an expensive hobby and one that is usually planned well in advance. With that in mind, this site aids in the research of finding a location to dive and ensuring you have all the information you need.

Not only can you connect with diving buddies, but you can share your images and dive information including visibility at the dive site, how long the dive consisted, and what sea life could be seen at each logged dive location.

This site is definitely a resource in that you can access your diving certification and dive classes administered by PADI, look up featured destinations, research dive sites and find dive shops.



To engage new divers and keep current divers diving | Support and mobilize the scuba diving lifestyle | Encourage customers to fulfill their scuba diving needs with a PADI Retailer or Resort


Establish a thriving online community of dive enthusiasts and professional experts who share valuable content.

Stand Out From the Crowd

ScubaEarth stands out from other forms of social communities because it is truly a resource and way to connect with other divers. The site provides the certification details you’ve received and has the log book feature woven as one of the main features. This site allows people to truly connect with those that are passionate about diving without being flooded with daily posts about what your friends did last night or ate for lunch today.

Get Schooled with Proximity Marketing

ScubaEarth has 4 main tabs at the top of the site. Featured Destinations and Dive Shops are two of the four tabs that could seamlessly incorporate proximity marketing to further the potential bookings of a dive trip and the purchase of new equipment for a divers next trip below the surface. If a diver is searching for a new destination for a dive trip, incentives could be sent out through posts to the wall or their network of buddies to encourage bookings. Also, discounts on new masks, fins, bcd’s, and other accessories is a no brainer! ScubaEarth also allows you to add your local dive shop to your profile. Discovery Dive Shop is my preferred retailer and their location is stored in my profile with a specific code.   I think this geo-targeted information and link in my profile could give the dive shop the opportunity to send email notifications on the latest dive trips and any promotions they have going on in-store.

ScubaEarth Integrated Marketing

At the bottom of the main page of ScubaEarth’s site, it has the following call to action for four additional social sites.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.54.22 PM

There is a small presence on YouTube in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. In my opinion, Instagram or Flickr could be two really cool visual social channels that would amplify and create excitement for future dive trips. Being able to see what other divers explored under the ocean’s surface in an aggregated gallery on ScubaEarth could make the experience so much more visually stimulating, and again, I think promote research for those featured dive locations found in the images.

ScubaEarth by PADI


ScubaEarth Instructional Video

Find me on ScubaEarth…I’d love to hear all about your diving experience!