Nike, McDonalds and Coca-Cola are Socially Savvy — They Just Do It and are Lovin’ it by Opening Happiness!

Nike, McDonalds and Coca-Cola are Socially Savvy — They Just Do It, Are Lovin’ it and are Opening Happiness!

Below, check out how these brands use integrated marketing methods to promote themselves.

Nike Logo

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Nike does take an integrated marketing approach to advertising, however, they do it without inundating the marketplace with their messaging. On most of their social platforms, it seems that the overall Nike brand retweets it’s sub-brands like Nike Football, Nike Women or

On Facebook, Nike posts once to twice a month. They limit their use of hashtags on the Facebook platform only leveraging their main campaign hashtags such as #JustDoIt or #NikeZoom.

Nike FB

For Twitter, Nike posted 4 times in the month of August (and they were all re-tweets), posted only twice in September , and has yet to post anything in October. When Nike posts, they do integrate a hashtag, but they keep it very simple and again stick to the main or trending hashtags.

Nike Twitter

You would think that hashtagging on Instagram would be a no brainer, but about half of the posts Nike disseminates via Instagram do not incorporate any hashtags at all. They do @tag their sub-brands in their messaging.

Nike Instagram

The content on Google + is posted more infrequently than any of the social platforms. This seems to be the same with Pinterest.

Nike Google+

You can connect to the social channels below from

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.33.45 PM McDonalds Logo

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Has anyone ever craved breakfast for lunch, dinner or even a late night snack? Well, McDonalds released a new menu that serves breakfast all day long. This new promotion is being touted across all media platforms, and let’s just say Mickey D’s is rocking integrated marketing communications! Their television commercials even showcase people sharing their requests AND their joy for all day breakfast. I must say the commercials that touted the tweets for all day breakfast were hilarious. Well done McDonald’s… hat’s off to your creative agency for this promotion!

FB Breakfast All Day



McDonalds All Day Breakfast Tweet

McDonald’s instagram is highly stylized, very simple and is saturated with the primary colors in the color wheel. Insta gets around 4 to 5 posts a week.McDonalds Insta

Tweeting is a regular mainstay for the McDonald’s brand. The photo posts on Twitter are not like the photos of perfection you see on their instagram channel.

McDonalds Twitter


McDonald’s uses Google+ and YouTube to house all their videos so that they can be found in one easy location.“>

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.48.28 PM

McDonald’s also uses Tumblr to collect tweets, instagram posts, gifs, memes and collect them in one easy local for sharing and re-sharing purposes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.39.27 PM

Talk about synergy between two major brands.  Check out this Vine that McDonalds posted…
McDonalds - Coke VINE

Raise your hand if you love a coke with a big mac! Yes please, my hand is up!!

You can also find more information from this blog on McDonald’s social presence.

Coke Logo

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Coca-Cola shares happiness across all media types and has a prolific social media footprint. Coca-Cola does integrated marketing well, and you can find brand consistency across all the media and social platforms they are on. They are very consistent in their messaging and posts.

Coke FB Home

When it comes to hashtags, Coke is very clever. They hashtag their campaign titles as well as hashtag current events with custom graphics like the blood moon post below.

Coke Blood Moon

Coke consistently updates each of their social platforms with new content every day or two.

Coke FB Coke Twitter Coke Insta

I really love the pin boards Coca-Cola has on Pinterest. They are all related to events or a lifestyle thematic.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.18.59 PM

On (United States version), the website has a module that drives to Social that features the latest posts, allows you to connect via the website and link outs to the following social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.34.19 PM